Our Services

A catastrophic, illness, injury or diagnosis affects close friends and family too.

“Mike’s Place” will serve individuals facing Catastrophic Life Altering situations by identifying those “Missing Pieces” and services through a National database.  It will be  searchable by key words, diagnosis, locations, and more. “Mike’s Place” will help to ease the burden and support the journey of individuals and families by connecting them to a HealthCare Concierge when finding themselves facing catastrophic medical situations.  In short, “Mike’s Place” will provide a path to a new (better, more manageable) normal for their life and the lives of their families and love ones.

 Mike’s Place is a 501(c)(3) foundation


PHASE 1  Identify/Connect/Link –  National Medical Resource Network


Build a National Team of Healthcare Concierges 

Mike’s Place is building a National Team of Healthcare Concierges, which is targeted to launch in Phase II. At this time we are not yet able to provide individual assistance. However, we will get back to you by email with local resources.