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This site is dedicated to individuals and their families seeking guidance upon facing catastrophic, life-altering, health related events, such as medical diagnoses, accidents and deaths and asking the questions:    “Now what do I do?”  “Who do I call?” 

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Mike’s Place is for that moment when you are knocked off your feet, when you hear the word CANCER or TERMINAL or any CATASTROPHIC 
life-altering, health related news. 

Mike’s Place is that place of support and renewed energy through knowledge and sharing.


OUR GOAL is to  connect individuals and their families to resources that can address their immediate needs by establishing a pool of Healthcare Concierges that will assist them by sharing experiences and resources on this frequently complex journey through uncharted territories.

OUR MISSION  is to create a gathering place for sharing knowledge and making connections to information and resources that may assist people in understanding their journey, making decisions, and finding ways to make their lives easier during times of the unknown, to help them find their  “Missing Pieces”
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Mike’s Place exists in honor of my son, Mike Shannon, who passed away from cancer, my daughter, Erin Shannon, who died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism, and then my son, Eric Shannon, who experienced  a horrific accident.  The blessing is, Eric was able after 17 months of intensive rehabilitation services to return to a near normal quality of life.

However, Mike’s illness, Erin’s sudden passing, and the endless search for rehabilitation services for Eric, and now in 2020 where everyone is living through the Covid-19 Pandemic, showed us the need for a place where people can get the information they need about the services available to help them when facing these catastrophic life altering events. 

How You Can Help


Share Information

If you know of an organization that can be of assistance to someone facing a serious illness or health crisis, whether it’s an agency providing health, counseling, transportation or any other service, send us their information. We will vet the information and post it on the website. You can use our online form to send us the information.


Mike’s Place is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization. All donations received by Mike’s Place are tax deductible and will be used to support the services involved in connecting to  resources. You can use our donation form to contribute.


Become a Healthcare Concierge. Share your skills in maneuvering the Healthcare and Healthcare funding system. Click here to volunteer and advance the mission of Mikes Place

We look forward to hearing from you as it is important to identify unmet continuum-of-care needs, so that we can help the system to improve continuum of care support for all individuals and their families. Thank you for your response1!

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